Regd. No. S/1L/7315 of 2001-2002, WB/2009/0012927

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Our Projects


Ongoing Projects

  • Health Awareness Camp for the down trodden people on every Saturday at 3.00 p.m. Thousands of people have been benefited and gone home with satisfaction.
  • Keeping in mind the alarming growth of diabetic patients in our society, we run Diabetic Clinic on last Sunday of every month. Diabetic patients are being educated about the levels of Diabetes and to cope up with the health problems usually faced by them.
  • It is very true that India resides in villages and to improve the social structure and promote general awareness the villages should be regarded as the building unit of every social awareness programme. We have included awareness programme for the villagers in our project. The villagers are made aware of the importance of hygiene and potable drinking water, they are also being taught how to keep themselves fit by following simple and healthy medical tips.
  • We organise eye testing camp on fourth Wednesday of every month to help the poor and the needy to enhance their poor sight and make them aware of importance of healthy vision.
  • We organise Health Awareness Programme in different Govt. Primary Schools annually to grow health awareness among the children who are the future credentials of India.
  • Malfunctioning of the heart is a common disorder found among the Indians nowadays and to reduce the effect of this demon we have arranged ECG at low cost everyday. Now it’s possible for the common people to detect heart disorder easily.
  • India is a country with a huge population and growing economy, thus, keeping this in mind we have arranged Vocational Training Programme for women (handicraft, cutting and knitting etc.) to make them self dependent and also to strengthen household economy.
  • Creativity generates invention and so we have arranged Art Classes for children to enhance their creative minds and give their thoughts wings for excelling in the future. We have also kept in mind our grownups and their creative nourishments, thus, Art and craft classes for adults are also provided.
  • The British ruled us for nearly two hundred years and during these two hundred years many great leaders had fought for our true right as citizens of India. The result was India’s Independence on 15th August 1947, but even after 63rd Year of Independence the mighty Indians are still fighting against corruption, suppression and exploitation. To restore our complete freedom we need to know our rights and we also need to stop ourselves from being exploited. Keeping this in mind we have created a separate cell which deals with RTI. Our RTI cell has rendered invaluable help to the ignorant mass and is still fighting against ignorance and injustice.

Our Dream Projects

  • Dreams are the seeds of renaissance and renaissance begins at the grass root level. The smallest unit of administration is the village, thus,health revolution should begin from the villages. Our dream is to establish a health camp which will benefit the people of two villages – One under The Fulbari - I Gram Panchayat and another under The Dabgram – II Gram Panchayat (Dist. Jalpaiguri). This unique health camp will function for de-worming the children and also the adults who are poor daily labourers and ignorant of the diseases caused by worms. The camp will also provide free health advice and treatment for anaemia which is common among the village women due to malnutrition. Other diseases will also be treated by experienced Doctors.
  • This is the era of Technology and speed so why should the common mass be ignorant of the latest technical development? Our organisation is nearly ready for taking up the mammoth task of making the common mass literate in Computers. This programme will help every techno-geek to become technically sound for coping up with the changing trends. It will also help the needy and eager youth to nurture their technical talents and establish themselves in today’s world with high self- esteem. We wish to generate Computer Literacy among women also. This programme is our first step in the world of technology and it will boost up our eagerness for conquering new arenas.


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