Regd. No. S/1L/7315 of 2001-2002, WB/2009/0012927

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Our Profile

  Come soar with us in the sky of humanity--

“God said let there be light and there was light”—

The word light is a magical word, it eradicates everything that is dark and evil. We have taken up the mission to scatter the light of good health and mass development through different programs of our organisation. Since 1999 all the members of our organisation have been working in tandem to cater to the needs of the underprivileged and the downtrodden. To a lot of extent we have been successful but we still have not achieved our goal. We want to serve every person who is in need. We have shouldered the responsibility of awakening a new consciousness which will foster people’s participation and corporate responsibility within the structures of Society.

Overview of Our Meagre Achievements

  • We provide medical facilities, through charitable health clinic, to the downtrodden people on every Saturday afternoon since 2000 wherefrom thousands of people have received necessary medical support.
  • Keeping in mind the alarming growth of diabetic patients in our society, we run Diabetic Clinic on last Sunday of every month since 2005 in this clinic with the help of Glucometer the latest technology of testing blood sugar level is done.
  • We organise eye testing camp on fourth Wednesday of every month.
  • We organise Health Awareness Programme in different  Govt. Primary Schools
  • We   provide E.C.G. test at no profit no loss basis for 365 days by a latest 6 channel digital machine.
  • We also extend vocational training programme for the women viz, handicraft, cutting and knitting etc.
  • Art for children and Sculpture for adults is also provided.
  • We provide Computer Training to financially needy students, Evening classes for the Young people engaged in different professions who have no scope for getting proper trainings in any other Institution, Adult person of the society, interested for Computer Operation, Housewives interested for Computer education at day time,
  • To make people aware of their rights we have a separate cell which deals with RTI.

Dreams To Be Fulfilled In Near Future

  • To collect, collate and disseminate information of the scientific and technical process and devices appropriate to the needs of our national economy.
  • Scheme for improvement of water supply, drainage, sanitation, pathways, street lighting and other measures to improve the physical environment without any profit making motive.
  • Schemes for parks, playgrounds and other recreational facilities for the people.
  • To arrange educational programmes to make the people critically conscious of their surroundings and to help them overcome the limitations and constraints under which they live.
  • To arrange surveys and studies and other investigations directly or through competent agencies in the field.
  • To organize training course either in collaboration with competent agencies directly and  such training facilities as are necessary for the staff members, participants or other concerned with work of the Society or any organisation concerned or connected with the programmes.
  • To co-operate with other agencies both Governmental and Non-Governmental in preparation, organization and administration of schemes and programmes for the benefit of the people.
  • To co-operate with national and international organisations having similar objectives and depute or receive representatives to and from such organisation.
  • To be affiliated to or amalgamated or incorporated with any other institutions, societies or associations having objects similar to any of those of the society and to co-operate with any person or persons in pursuance of such objects.
  • To publish or cause to be published useful Literatures, Papers, Magazines, Books, Periodicals etc.
  • To arrange and organize Small Savings Activities.
  • To open charitable dispensaries, maternity home, children’s clinics, orphanage and family planning centres, old aged home etc. with the help of qualified personnel, and without any profit making motive.

Our Motto

“Tamasoma Jyotir Gamaya” (Wherever there is darkness let light eradicate it)

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